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Functional Extension of Virtual network interfaces

Hierarchical virtual network interface of Netnice is an extensible component. For example, the first VIF supported packet shaping, then, it supported weighted fair queuing. Now, it supports most of the major features needed for traffic control, including; priority queuing, packet blocking, packet filtering, packet capturing and packet diverting.

We are now considering more options to support, such as, Packet Marker? to insert any data onto extension header of IPv6 packets, p2p multicast feature, Layer 7 parsing similar to this, and Snorting VIF module. The point is that VIF is not just for packet shaping; It is also highly extensible. You may also look at the project.

If you would like to exchange ideas about VIF extensions, please fill in below.

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Last-modified: 2010-04-25 (Sun) 05:00:23 (2885d)