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Here are the frequently asked questions and our answers. To pose a new question, please use this form.

How can I test Netnice?

There are two ways to test the system.

You can download the package here.

The list of supported operating systems is here.

For easy evaluation of the netnice-enhanced system, we are providing

an ISO image of bootable trial CD-ROM, which contains all the applications,

as well as the netnice kernel. Download site is [here>http://www.netnice.org/download.cgi]].

If you want to try our latest feature of the system in experimental stage, you may use our anonymous CVS. Detailed description is available here.

Is it too difficult for me to install the system?

The installation process is pretty straightforward, but, requires basic knowledge of Unix system adminitoration. If you have configured kernels and done "make world" before, that would be enough. Use the setup guide as your reference.

If you do not want to modify your working system or do not have a working base system, you may try our "bootable trial CD-ROM", here.

How much will it impact the performance?

Thanks to its efficient implementation storategy, in the worst case, the overhead is less than 5 percent of the peak performance. Although the condition has become a bit obsolete, our research paper includes some empirical data about the issue.

What types of operating system does Netnice support?

As of July 24, 2004, we support FreeBSD4.9 and FreeBSD4.10.

We are currently porting the kernel module onto Linux, NetBSD, and OpenBSD. We will shortly start porting to MacOS X, and to FreeBSD 5. Beta version of the kernel patches will release by the end of Oct 2004.

For our latest information, we suggest you to subscribe to our netnice-users mailing list. You can register here. The traffic volume is quite low. So, please do not be afraid :-)

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