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Kernel Module Porting Status

FreeBSD4.11+++Beta version has been released
FreeBSD5.4+++Beta version has been released
Linux2.6.7++Alpha version has been released
NetBSD1.6.2++Alpha version has been released
OpenBSD3.6++Alpha version has been released
MacOS XDarwin 7.7-Will be ready soon...

Netnice Project is looking for talented developers and beta-testers who may help us to develop the Netnice systems. For detailed information, please post your message here, or write to us. Source code and related information are availabe at our SourceForge site.


If you want to push the porting, vote here for your preferred platform. The porting term members will be motivated a bit more :)

Selection Vote
FreeBSD5.x 22  
Linux 42  
MacOS X 11  
NetBSD 2  
OpenBSD 4  
DragonFlyBSD 2  
Windows OS 10  
others 1  


netnice, a traffic control command++works well
extended shell++works well
extended inetd+works, but, needs battle-proof
mod_netnice (Apache module)+works, but, needs battle-proof
netnice daemon+works, but, needs battle-proof
Firewall Builder Netnice Module-started development
3D-tcpdump-asking the developers for support
Netnice Personal Firewall--looking for developers
Netnice GUI (unnamed)--looking for developers
Netnice extension of BitTorrent--looking for developers
Traffic control for clusters--looking for developers
network-wide netnice--looking for developers

We are looking for talented developers who can develop netnice applications. For detailed information, please post a message here, or please write to us. For outstanding proposals, we may offer financial support this year.

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