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A long time ago, when computers were not as fast as the ones we have now, we would feel a severe slowdown of computers if somebody started a CPU-bound process. A command, nice, was introduced to ease such a situation by gracefully sharing the limited CPU resource with others. This simple mechanism of lowering process priority made the system much more usable and made everyone happier.

Nowadays we have observed an amazingly rapid expansion in network coverage and its bandwidth. Nevertheless, when someone starts an intensive application, such as a file-sharing service, we would still suffer from a performance deterioration of the network. The network resource is still severely limited in most places, and thus it is a fairly important problem to utilize the available resource as best as we can.

Netnice is a new primitive for an end-host network control, which has been designed as an infrastructure to address the various problems of current internetworking.

For further detail, please visit here or here.

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