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This page illustrates the types and basic functionalities of hierarchically virtualized network interfaces.

Bandwidth Control/Traffic Shaping


This is a basic function of hierarchically virtualized network interface (VIF); we can easily configure the bandwidth of each VIF.

When a VIF connects to a process, it will be inherited to its child process, and thus, processes cannot overutilize bandwidth originally granted to the process, thereby providing resource protection.

Further, processes can create children VIF at will, and connect their sockets to the new VIF in order to control network I/O of sockets. As a result, the processes can control sockets freely within the amount of resource granted.


Weighted Fair Queuing


In Weighted Fair Queuing mode, the VIF dynamically allocates fair-share of available bandwidth resource to its children VIFs.

A child VIF can consume all of the bandwidth, if there is no other competing traffic. When another traffic come in, the VIF automatically shares the resource with a new traffic.

Based on the importance of VIFs, you are allowed to give independent weights to the children VIFs.


Priority Queuing


In Priority Queuing mode, a VIF prioritizes children VIFs based on the weights assigned to each of the children. This mode is useful if there is a traffic with higher priority, such as control traffic, or with lower priority; e.g. P2P traffic for shared files which are being downloaded by others. In these cases, you can give higher or lower priority to a VIF for the target traffic.


Packet Blocking


In Packet Blocking mode, a VIF drops all the packets routed to the VIF. The mode can be used into 2 ways; it can be used to temporarily isolate processes which are connected to the VIF, or, it can be used to divert packets to userland, combined with Netnice Packet Filter.


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