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* Copyright notice for the BSD Daemon Usage

Netnice.ORG has a permission to use the BSD Daemon picture on our site.
For further information of the copyright, please refer to the following

> Statement on the Use of the BSD Daemon Figure:
> The BSD Daemon is to be used in the context of BSD software.
> So, if you are using BSD software (FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD,
> or BSD utilities) in your Intranet environment, then use of the
> daemon is appropriate. If you are a Microsoft or Linux shop, then it
> is not appropriate.
> Individuals may use the daemon for their personal use within the
> bounds of good taste (an example of bad taste was a picture of the
> BSD daemon blowtorching a Solaris logo). When reasonably possible,
> I would like the text ``BSD Daemon Copyright 1988 by Marshall Kirk
> McKusick. All Rights Reserved.'' to be included.  This text need
> not be etched into the figure or garishly displayed when using the
> daemon as say an Icon in a Web window. A good example of how
> to handle the due credit in a web page is to create a link from
> the daemon picture to the following text:
>         BSD Daemon Copyright 1988 by Marshall Kirk McKusick.
>         All Rights Reserved.
>         Permission to use the daemon may be obtained from:
>                 Marshall Kirk McKusick
>                 1614 Oxford St
>                 Berkeley, CA 94709-1608
>                 USA
>         or via email at mckusick@mckusick.com
> If you are looking for daemon images or daemon shirts, a pictorial
> history of the daemon and daemon shirts are available at my site,
> http://www.mckusick.com/beastie/. If you are looking for daemon badges,
> see the site at http://www.scotgold.com/Daemon.htm). For other
> paraphanalia, see the site at http://www.freebsdmall.com/promotional/).
> If you want to mass produce the daemon on Tshirts, CDROM's, or other
> products you need to request permission in advance. In general, I require
> that the daemon be used in an appropriate way. This means that it
> has to be something related to BSD and not expropriated as a company
> logo (though I do allow companies with BSD-based products such as
> FreeBSD Mall or Daemon News to use it).  I regret having to be so
> legalistic about the daemon, but I almost lost the daemon to a
> certain large company because I failed to show due diligence in
> protecting it. So, I've taken due diligence seriously since then.
>         Marshall Kirk McKusick

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