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* Netnice 2.2 Package

Netnice 2.2 Beta includes a pre-compiled kernel and binaries, as well as the traditional kernel patch, making the installation process quite easy. Just type
&color(red){make easyinstall};, and you will have a Netnice-ready machine.
Several Netnice applications are also shipped together.

- ''FreeBSD 4.11-RELEASE''
-- Beta1 (2005/07/27)  [[(Download)>http://www.netnice.org/download/netnice22-freebsd4-beta1.tgz]]
-- Weekly Snapshot  [[(Download)>http://www.netnice.org/download/netnice22-freebsd4-weekly.tgz]]

- ''FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE''
-- Beta1 (2005/07/27) [[(Download)>http://www.netnice.org/download/netnice22-freebsd5-beta1.tgz]]
-- Weekly Snapshot [[(Download)>http://www.netnice.org/download/netnice22-freebsd5-weekly.tgz]]

- ''Linux 2.6.7'' / ''NetBSD 1.6.2'' / ''OpenBSD 3.6''
-- Alpha version (2005/02/18) [[(Download)>http://www.netnice.org/download/SNAP-02-18-2005.tgz]]

We are still working on the beta for Linux, NetBSD, and OpenBSD. Please use the alpha version until it becomes available.

We appreciate your questions and your feedback to help make the system better. Please post messages, [[here>SupportCenter]]. All the sourcecode is available via CVS, at our [[SourceForge page>http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=87780]].
We also appreciate any help. Please contact [[us>AboutUs]]!

* Evaluation Kit

We provide an evaluation CD-ROM with a FreeBSD/Netnice kernel.  An X desktop environment and a web browser (Mozilla FireFox) are also included.

- Bootable CD-ROM Image  [[NetniceFB411-20050206.iso>http://www.netnice.org/download.cgi]]
&size(10){ 412MB uncompress/ 149MB gzip compressed};
&size(10){ MD5 (NetniceFB411-20050106.iso) = 0405b04844cc0b7f8e504ce8c1b00bf7};
&size(10){ MD5 (NetniceFB411-20050106.iso.gz) = 7fa60352b29884152853679d3841eca7 };

RIGHT:[[Old Screenshot>http://www.netnice.org/images/screen-01.jpg]]

&color(red){&size(20){HELP WANTED: Knoppix remastering specialist / Linux Admin};};

We are looking for a talented developer who can remaster Knoppix, so that
we can release a Knoppix/Netnice bootable CD. Other open tasks are described 
[[here>http://www.netnice.org/pukiwiki.php?Netnice2.2]]. Please contact [[us>mito@netnice.org]], if some of them interest you.
[[here>http://www.netnice.org/pukiwiki.php?Netnice2.2]]. Please contact [[us>mito@netnice.org]], if any of them interests you.


* Change Log

- ''Netnice 2.2 Beta1 for FreeBSD4.11 and FreeBSD5.4''   (July 27, 2005)   We have fixed several bugs in the kernel patches, and renewed the packaging.

- ''SNAP-02-18-2005'' (Feb 18, 2005) Added the latest version of mod_netnice.

- ''SNAP-02-01-2005'' (Feb 1, 2005) Supported FreeBSD4.11.

- ''SNAP-01-18-2005'' (Jan 18, 2005) Added NNFS(Netnice Filesystem) API on FreeBSD4.10/Netnice. Many bugs in netnice applications have been fixed.

- ''SNAP-10-11-2004''   (Oct 11, 2004)   Modified a patch for FreeBSD4.10. 

- ''SNAP-10-05-2004''   (Oct 5, 2004)   Includes an Alpha-quality patch for FreeBSD5.3Beta. 

- ''SNAP-06-25-2004''   (June 25, 2004)   Supported FreeBSD4.10. Also, a minor bug in the last SNAP which causes a compilation error was fixed. 

- ''SNAP-06-01-2004''   (June 1, 2004)   Netnice Packet Filter (NPF) supports binary translation of filter code (Fast!). Sample programs of NPF (packet captuer, packet filter, and packet diverting) are debugged. 

- ''SNAP-03-10-2004''   (Mar 10, 2004)   Performance improvement and minor debugging. 

- ''SNAP-11-19-2003''   (Nov 19, 2003)   fixed several bugs in kernel module. Experimental code of Netnice Packet Filter is added. You can now tap VIF traffic, using variety of libpcap applications such as tcpdump and ethereal. 

- ''SNAP-11-11-2003''   (Nov 11, 2003)   fixed a bug in an installation script. many bugs in kernel module are fixed. 

- ''Netnice 2.04''   (Dec 10, 2002)   For FreeBSD 4.7;
- ''Netnice 2.01''   (Apr 20, 2002)   For FreeBSD 4.4;
- ''Netnice 1.3''   (Sep 1999)   For FreeBSD 2.8;
- ''Netnice 1.2''   (Jul 1999)   For FreeBSD 2.2.x;
- ''Netnice 0.1''   (Jul 1999)   For Linux-2.0.26;
- ''Netnice 1.1''   (Jun 1999)   For FreeBSD 2.2.8;
- ''Netnice 1.0''   (Jun 1999)   For FreeBSD 2.2.8;

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