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- Official Guides

-- [[Frequently Asked Questions (User)>FAQ-admin]]
-- [[Frequently Asked Questions (Developer)>FAQ-developer]]
-- [[Setup Guide>setup guide]]
-- [[Porting Status>PortingStatus]]
-- [[Applications]]
-- [[API overview]]
-- [[VIF catalogue]]
-- [[Netnice Packet Filter>NPF]]
-- [[VIF Extension>Extension]]


- Manuals

-- VIF (4) ([[html>http://www.netnice.org/documents/man-vif.html]]) ([[pdf>http://www.netnice.org/documents/man-vif.pdf]])
-- netnice (8) ([[html>http://www.netnice.org/documents/man-netnice.html]]) ([[pdf>http://www.netnice.org/documents/man-netnice.pdf]])
-- netniced (8) ([[html>http://www.netnice.org/documents/man-netniced.html]]) ([[pdf>http://www.netnice.org/documents/man-netniced.pdf]])
--- Class library ([[html>http://www.netnice.org/documents/doc/index.html]])
-- sh (1) ([[html>http://www.netnice.org/documents/man-sh.html]]) ([[pdf>http://www.netnice.org/documents/man-sh.pdf]])
-- inetd (8) ([[html>http://www.netnice.org/documents/man-inetd.html]]) ([[pdf>http://www.netnice.org/documents/man-inetd.pdf]]) 


- Related Site

-- [[Netnice.org:http://www.netnice.org/]]
-- [[sourceforge:http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/netnice]]


- Mailing Lists

-- netnice-daemon@lists.sourceforge.net
-- netnice-users@lists.sourceforge.net
-- netnice-developer@lists.sourceforge.net



- Related Publication

-- T. Okumura, and D. Mosse', ''"Netnice Packet Filter - Bridging the Structural Mismatches in End-host Network Control"'', in proc of IEEE INFOCOM 2005, Mar 2005.

-- T. Okumura and D. Mosse', ''"Virtualizing Network I/O on End-host Operating System: Operating System Support for Network Control and Resource Protection"'', IEEE Transactions on Computers, Oct 2004.

-- T. Okumura and D. Mosse', ''"A Framework for Semantics-Based Network Management: Semantics aware internetworking with agent-oriented network programmability"'', in proc of ANTA 2003 (The 2nd International Workshop on Active Network Technologies and Applications), May 2003.

-- T. Okumura, D. Mosse', M. Minami, and O. Nakamura, ''"Quality of Service Manager for Load-Balancing Clusters: An End-host Retrofitting Event-Handler approach by netniced"'', in proc of CCGrid 2003 (The 3rd IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid), May 2003.

-- T. Okumura, D. Mosse', M. Minami, and O. Nakamura, ''"Operating System Support for Network Control: a Virtual Network Interface Approach for End-Host OSs"'', in Proc of IWQoS 2002 (The Tenth International Workshop on Quality of Service), IEEE Communications Society, May 2002.

-- T. Okumura, M. Moir, and D. Mosse', ''"Netnice: nice is not only for CPUs"'', in Proc of ICCCN2000 (The 9th International Conference on Computer Communication and Network), IEEE Communications Society, Oct 2000.

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